Interview with Susanna Stone

timelostlover_msr (3)Castle Tullamore in Donegal, Ireland sets imagination free; check out Kayden Claremont’s interview with Romance author Susanna Stone.

Kayden Claremont

I’m thrilled to welcome Susanna Stone today.

Thanks, Kayden, for having me as your blogging guest today.

Please tell us about your book.

I have to start with saying how excited I am over my latest erotic romance, Timelost Lover. It’s my third book published with Ellora’s Cave, and my favourite, hands down.

In Timelost Lover, I send my heroine, Tannis Romilly, to historic Castle Tullamore in Donegal, and then back in time to 1910, where she meets up with the famous artist, Brendan Pearse. Tannis knows if she doesn’t pose for his most important painting, Ireland Free, the history of modern Ireland just might unfold in a whole different way.

The idea for this paranormal story started when a group of Ellora’s Cave writers decided it would be fun to write a series of supernatural stories taking place in Ireland, in an ancient castle-turned-hotel. We all worked on the…

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