Accounting for Taste

imageMy name is Linda Cahill and I like to write stories about why we do the things we so.This is a blog to discuss movies, books, and other stuff we like and what make something good or not.  The old saying is’ There’s no accounting for taste’ when you comment unfavourably on your sister’s boyfriend, or fashions you don’t approve of.  This particular post is about fireplaces. During the polar winter we just had with the power blackout and downed trees everywhere, some people burned wood in their fireplaces to heat their homes. Others said this is crazy and as soon as the crisis ended they took out their inefficient wood burning fireplaces and installed gas. Sure it’s easier and generates more heat. Not very romantic though. But, and this is huge, you can put a gas fireplace almost anywhere. Some condos have them. Even some apartments.  I’m trying to decide.  What’s your taste?


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