Everyone should know this!

Elena tells her secrets as a first-blogger, way to go Elena!


Hello there! My name is Elena and I’m a first time blogger. Crazy, huh? Oh well, this is how we can get to know each other! How about I answer some questions that will let you have a sneak peak into my mind?

What Am I Working On?

Technically this is a secret but I’ll share it with you! I’m currently working on a short story that revolves around a young teen whose trying to understand why he has these strange desires to kill. It follows him through grade 9 and as problems progress at school so do the temptations.

How does my work differ from those of its genre?

Well, let’s see. Everyone has different thoughts. But, when you’re writing a story what you decide to put into it is important. After all, that’s what makes your story yours! I can’t really answer this one fairly but I can…

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