Why Audition For Death?

Audition for Death book coverVery funny post by Steve Shrott via Rosemary McCracken

Moving Target

I’m happy to present author Steve Shrott today on Moving Target. Steve’s debut crime novel, Audition For Death, was released by Cozy Cat Press earlier this year. Its protagonist Joshua Mclintock has appeared in numerous films and stage productions, although most of his roles have been dead bodies. But he knows his big break is just around the corner. Then he becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

GetAttachmentPeople often ask me how I chose the subject of my novel. I tell them it was the book I was meant to write.

I spent a number of years in the entertainment business, and I’ve come to realize that show people are a special and often an off-beat group of characters.

One of the “characters” I worked with was an ambitious actor named George. He and I were cast in a low-budget film—he as a lawyer and I was…

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