Kitchen Nightmare

In life, as in cooking, we can always make something good out of what seems like a disaster.

Karen Blake-Hall

I got up this morning and told the family I’d make blueberry pancakes. I don’t do this very often but every now and again I try to be a domestic goddess.

Also I find that being gluten-free make my choices limited so I generally opt for rice or corn cereal.

I’m moving around the kitchen like I’m auditioning for a cooking show when I realized I’m out of vanilla extract. I grabbed the banana extract, threw it into the bowl as if that was my intension. Yes, the crown of the kitchen goddess was within my grasp.

Then I went to wash the blueberries and they were gone. No, seriously MIA. I knew they hadn’t evaporated. I also knew who the culprit was but he’d never admit it. The golden crown was quickly slipping away from me.

So now I either had to go to the store or become creative…

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