The Walking Dead

You don’t have to like Zombies to love The Walking Dead see how one TV viewer was converted in Karen’s blog.

Karen Blake-Hall

The Walking Dead Marathon.

When people told me to watch the Walking Dead two years ago the only thing I could think of was I don’t like zombie movies so why would I find a zombie TV show interesting. I didn’t watch it for weeks, but then I was lying on the couch sick on the weekend lying in the couch and I flicked the TV on. The Walking Dead marathon was on.

I fell in love. Not with the zombies, but with wonderful acting and tight writing.

Now I’m addicted so I sitting in front of the TV watching another round of every episode and I’m seeing things I missed the first time I watched it.

I have a habit of watched the first season of a show and about half way through the second season and I lose interest. I find the story-line stale and unimaginative but with…

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