Interview With Kayden Claremont on Her New Book ‘Hell’s Bounty’

Kayden Claremont writes irresistible characters. Her new book Hell’s Bounty has just arrived, so I’m excited to ask her a bit about her writing.

Cover of Hell's Bounty

Hell’s Bounty

Welcome Kayden! Thank you for stopping by.

Thanks for having me today Linda. I always like a chance to talk about my characters.

That’s good because the sparks really fly when Raven and Marcus meet. Can you tell us more about Raven and Marcus?

Raven Hart is a succubus bounty hunter working for hell. Her job is to collect souls. She’s good at it too, but she doesn’t trust her incubus master. He’s been keeping secrets from her.

Marcus is a Nephilim working for heaven. His job is to stop the sexy succubus from getting any more souls destined for heaven.

How do they meet?

Raven is sitting in a bar waiting for her prey and he walks in. There is spontaneous attraction but they both try to avoid it because they have jobs to do. Of course, they can’t.

You describe Hell’s Bounty as ‘the steamy supernatural.’ What attracts you to this kind of storyline?

I am a romantic. I love writing and reading stories about people falling in love. Of course I like the hotter stories. The supernatural part is easy to explain. Humans fall in love all the time, we write about and make TV shows and movies about it so why not supernatural beings? In Hell’s Bounty their love is forbidden love.

Do you listen to music while you write or do you like it quiet?

I listen to music. I love WWOZ broadcasting from New Orleans. They play a lot of instrumentals. Once I was listening to a rock station and I was humming along to the tunes. The next day I read what I wrote and it was the lyrics. Lol. Since then it is only instrumentals.

I also write in coffee shops. I need the white noise to get into the creative side of my brain.

Raven and Marcus have great chemistry. I hope we’re going to meet them again.

Hell’s Bounty is the first book of the heaven and hell series. Neither of them will be in the second book, Hell Hath No Fury, but right now I think one of them will be in the third book of the series, Hell Bent for Leather.


Raven looked over at him. “Marcus, this is the coroner, Doctor Hill. Doc, this is my new partner, Detective Marcus Dionysius.”

Marcus extended his hand to the doctor, but he just paced back and forth, ignoring the proffered handshake. “Oh, my dear, you shouldn’t see this.”

“Doc, I’m a detective. There isn’t much I haven’t seen.” Raven’s no-nonsense tone had no effect on the doctor.

“No, dear, not this time.” He took her by the elbow and led her a few feet away from the body. Shaking his head, he continued, “This time it’s too personal. You don’t need to see this.” He pointed at the body on the ground. “It’s Stephen, my dear.”

Marcus watched shock flash across her face for a moment before she got control again. She wasn’t expecting to see her late partner. She hadn’t done this, but that didn’t clear her of the other attacks.
The captain was sleazy. Everyone in heaven and hell knew it. And everyone thought that because Raven worked so closely with him, she was part of his plan. Marcus hoped the sexy succubus wasn’t connected with hell’s mess. He moved closer to the body.

Doctor Hill glanced at him and stopped talking.

Clearing his throat, Marcus said softly to Raven, “I’ll handle this if you’re not up to it. The captain can assign another detective to work the case with me.”

Raven looked up at him, anger flaring in her eyes as she answered, “What do you think I am? Some fragile female who can’t do her job?”

About Kayden

Kayden Claremont

Kayden Claremont

Kayden is hooked on Paranormal Romance. She loves writing about the rollercoaster ride of demons, angels and watchers and the consequences they must endure when they fall in love. Her sensuous style drives the characters in lustful romps.

Kayden is a member of Sisters in Crime International; Sisters in Crime Toronto; Romance Writers of America, Toronto Romance Writers.
When she’s not at her day job she’s crafting more tales of love, crime and the supernatural or spending time with her husband and children.

You can contact Kayden at:
Facebook: Kayden.Claremont
Blog: Kayden Claremont
Twitter: @Kayden Claremont
Email at: Kayden

Hell’s Bounty is available now:


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