‘Murder, She Read!’ Taking A Deep Dive Into Mystery With Nielsen

This survey on mystery readers includes an interesting segment on connecting with younger readers.

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Do We Have A Clue What’s Happening In Mystery/Crime Reading?

Their safe and secure lives rocked by a shocking revelation!
Their routines turned upside down!
Their world wracked by fear of the unknown now stalking them all!

No, not the characters in a Dorothy Sayers mystery.

I’m talking about the publishers.

As I wrote in my executive summary of Murder, She Read…Understanding The Mystery/Crime Buyer –a special “deep dive” study made by Nielsen Market Researchof American Mystery/Crime readers — the publishing industry today can seem as terrorized by the twists and turns of the digital dynamic as the genre’s’ typical sweet, small town menaced by a dark threat. (On Nielsen’s UK site, the same report is here.)

I was as curious as the folksat Nielsen were about what would come up when the research team began its own special brand of sleuthing. Not only is…

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