Getting the Ideas Right

Don’t know about you but I like new ideas about where to start a story. Michael Jecks has an idea.


This is one of those little posts where I discuss the way that I get things done. Not that my methods will work with everyone. They certainly won’t! However, if you are trying to write up a report for the boss, or get ideas down for an important essay, or even a dissertation, and you just don’t know where to start … well, perhaps this post may help.

I’ve always been an extensive scribbler. I love letting ideas gel in front of me on paper. People complain about writer’s block, but most of the time it is caused purely by the author sitting and waiting for inspiration to strike. Sadly, this doesn’t often work. As I have said often before in these pages and during other interviews, the main thing for a writer is, that you write. Sitting dumbly waiting for something to happen is fine in an insurance claims office, but…

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