Interview from Escape From the Beach, A Short Story in Villainous Vacations.

Karen Blake-Hall interviewed my character Bree from the new short story collection Villainous Vacations. Thanks Karen!

Karen Blake-Hall

Today I am interviewing Bree, the main character in Linda Cahill’s new short story Escape from the Beach in Villainous Vacations, A Collection of Crime Stories. V VcoverEbookMED

“Bree, why were you alone on the beach?”

“I wasn’t alone! Well not exactly. I was with my family but when the attack came we got separated. Then the helicopters came in and everybody ran.”

“One minute you are lazing in the sun and the next thing you are dragged off by terrorists. Why did your family go to such a frightening place?”

Bree shook her head. “It wasn’t frightening. I mean…” She fumbled for words. “Most of the time it was okay and the beach was really nice.”

“Except when the shooting started.”

“Shooting doesn’t happen every day.”

“But think how crazy that day was for you. Weren’t you kidnapped by one of the attackers?”

“You mean the boy at the water…

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