Sharing the Wealth

Amazing. To think the newest, coolest economics book on the block is called ‘Capital.’ And it was written in French by an Economics prof named Thomas Piketty. Paul Krugman a pretty well known economist himself says in the New York Times that Piketty is “arguably the world’s leading expert on income and wealth inequality,” making the case that the world economy is now dominated by inherited wealth so that “birth matters more than effort and talent.” See the article in today’s Globe and Mail for how David Foot and Daniel Stoffman (“Boom, Bust & Echo”) use Piketty as a jumping off point for their own discussion.


Best of the Season and a Merry Christmas too

The days are getting longer already even if we can’t tell yet and the weather is warmer and nicer than last year – the year of the ice storm.  Wishing everyone the best of the season with family and friends. And as Santa says in the poem, ‘Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night’!

Lit for the Season

Christmas Tree

Editing the Kitchen

Toaster oven with one leg? Keep for now. Mom’s behemoth microwave? Same. Suspiciously floury bag of durum semolina? Are those teeth marks? Out!

Emptying the kitchen for the renovators is like editing the novel.

Some new clean lines for the counter top –  clear direction for the plot. No spacious islands –  no extra words.


Kitchen Now

Just… excitement!

Book Giveaway for The Whole She-Bang 2

Goodreads Whole She-Bang 2 Giveaway

Goodreads Whole She-Bang 2 Giveaway

Woohoo! You could win a copy of a fabulous new crime anthology from Goodreads!  The Whole She-Bang 2  is a mix of 24 stories ranging from noir to cozy, funny to thrilling and everywhere in between.

Twenty-four stories written by yours truly and 20 other super Canadian Sisters in Crime writers.

Goodreads has two copies of the anthology to give away. Enter the Goodreads The Whole She-Bang 2 Contest Now! Contest ends December 1, 2014. So enter today!


Sense of Menace Pervades Alex Colville’s Art for a Reason

A comprehensive exhibit of premiere east coast painter Alex Colville is on at the  Art Gallery of Ontario until January. His images influenced the Coen brothers, among others. A good painting gets me into creative mode and helps me start a new story or gives me the impetus to get back to the fine edit of one that is almost done. We have just launched The Whole She-Bang 2 which has a story of mine “Special Delivery” in it and I was thinking about what draws mystery writers to their sometimes very dark vision. (Mine is not so dark!) I went to the exhibit for a change of pace but discovered an even darker world in the tight control of the artist’s careful brush strokes.  I have always loved Colville’s famous Horse and Train picture. And the iconic girl with binoculars and man with pistol pictures.

But seeing the exhibit I knew for the first time where his anxiety and fear came from. Colville was a Canadian war artist and the pictures in this exhibit that highlight some of that, show how much else he must have been exposed to. He joined after graduating from university in 1942 and was made a war artist in May 1944. His unit relieved the 82nd Airborne Division at Nijmegen, Netherlands in mid-September 1944 during Operation Market Garden and remained there until the following February 1945. He continued on to tours in the Netherlands and Germany, where he was also tasked with depicting the horrors of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. He felt life was dangerous because he had seen the worst.

I feel way more understanding about Colville’s obsession with painting nudes of his wife now that I see how utterly controlling he felt he had to be in the middle of a mad universe. To see the pictures I mentioned and the war paintings check out the exhibit at

Hurray! She-Bang 2 Our New Anthology is Here

The Whole She-Bang 2 our new short story collection from the Toronto chapter of Sisters in Crime is now available at Amazon, Kobo and other book sellers.

I am honoured to be in this anthology in company with such excellent mystery authors.

A grant from the SinC International has also sponsored us to participate in Inspire The Toronto International Book Fair starting today. The Whole She-Bang 2: Crime Anthology

We are also doing a reading and presentation on plot development from 3:30-4:00 Friday, Nov. 14 on the Spark Stage at the conference.

The list of authors attending the conference is phenomenal including Ann Rice, Margaret Atwood and Peter Robinson. This fan girl can’t wait to see and hear them in person!